Young people are growing up quicker than ever and with an increasing pressure placed upon them within today’s society they may be more vulnerable. 


Adult safeguarding has never been more prevalent than it is today.


Social media has a profound effect on children and young people with continuous exposure to all elements in today’s society, this may include:


  • - Peer pressure
  • - Gang culture and Anti-social behaviour
  • - Cyber bullying
  • - Bullying
  • - Drugs and Alcohol
  • - Sexual exploitation


Our STREETWISE program brings together key life skills that help a young person to feel safe and more confident. Our personal safety workshop is an essential guide to equipping children and young persons in various ways to enhance they safety.  


These include:


  • - Safety Awareness Situations
  • - Communication Skills
  • - Body Language
  • - Spatial Awareness
  • - Social Awareness and Responsibility


Being aware of your surroundings, your friends and your own behaviour has a direct impact on the safety of you and others. We can all become vulnerable at times, and perhaps become involved in conflict. Situations can escalate with many contributing factors including external influences which may include social media.


Additional modules on First Aid and Fire Safety can be included in our STREETWISE workshops.


We can provide bespoke packages that are tailored to meet the needs of your school, club or organisation – whether you want to cover all the topics or just a selection, we can deliver a workshop that precisely meets your requirements.


Our safety workshops are approximately two hours depending on group size and modules selected.





STREETWISE Target Workshops


STREETWISE Target – Two Hour Module

This workshop focuses on intense elements of young persons safety with particular reference to weapons including guns and knives and the effects that gang culture and peer pressure has amongst young vulnerable people. The workshop is an impactive session with graphic images to shock and show the reality of the potential of such gang participation.


  • - Gang culture
  • - Weapons
  • - External influences



Alcohol and Drug Awareness – One Hour Module

Young people may find themselves in an environment where drugs and alcohol are present. Our training highlights the risks associated with illegal substances including New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) formally known as legal highs, so that young people have the information they need.



First Aid Awareness- One Hour Module

Our children's first aid course provides an introduction to dealing with emergency situations. We include the key elements of preserving life to an injured person. Our training covers a variety of typical emergencies a first aider may face.



Fire Awareness - One Hour Module

Laser-Driven Extinguisher Training is the latest advancement in fire training technology and is eco-friendly. Using the laser-training extinguisher to provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training making it perfect for children and young persons.





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