Using the skills and experience of our professional evasive driving instructors, we now offer this amazing fun day, doing things to a car you always dreamt of but never dared...




    The arch nemesis to the Highway Code includes:


  •    - Learning how to perform a J turn
  •    - Reversing at speed
  •    - Negotiating the cone challenge
  •    - Guide and drive and
  •    - Timed skills



Rev up for fun..


Participants will either drive and compete in the Mustang or the Chevy team, each will have to complete various driving tasks, some will be driving forward around cones, and Yes you guessed it some will be in reverse!


Reversing challenge..


Whilst the teams are completing their driving and manouving skills, the instructors will have a few surprises in store for each of the drivers.  


All drivers male and female will participate and endure the challenges, some challenges will be timed in the competition section.   



Communication challenge.. 


Each Team will undertake a simple course and that they are going to be timed and scored that the team does. But only problem is, the driver will be blindfolded...


Trust your colleague in the communtion skill challenge! Test your navigation skills with a back seat driver chanllenge.


Navigate your way through the cone challenge. 



Are you a back seat driver?


Put your money where your mouth is.


We encourage the teams to decorate their cars before we commence with their driving challenges, we will supply the cars and of course some  spray cans for your personalized artwork.


Do the things you've always wanted to do in a car. We will supply you all afterwards with photos and video clips of your fabulous time at Drive Me Crazy. Group photos and presentation to the winning team challenge. We can personalize team T-shirts or sweatshirts for memorabilia purposes this includes colors, birthday party names or stag or hen party names can be added accordingly to make your experience a memorable one.  


The wining team will receive bottles of bubbly and medals of our wonderful Drive Me Crazy fun challenges.




Call to discuss options and book your experience now!



- We are flexible and open to new ideas


 - Group packages for 3 ,6 ,9 and 12 drivers.


- Gift vouchers for £50 and £100+ available


- A disc of the day is included to capture the crazy moments


- Complimentary refreshments are available