Safety Workshop

Become street wise with our safety workshop programme.





We want our children to be safe wherever they are, however, occasionally situations may arise that put teenagers at risk. With Street Safe, they will learn how to avoid vulnerable situations and how to manage any environment in which they feel unsafe. 


We can equip teenagers with simple strategies that focus on personal safety awareness and managing conflict, giving them the skills and confidence they need to help them stay safe at all times.


There is no need for panic or fear when out on the streets, whether in an urban or rural       setting – but teenagers who have a strong awareness of their own personal safety will be better able to recognise andavoid risk.


Today, the average teenager carries a variety of high value items – such as mobile phones, MP3 players, expensive jewellery and branded clothing – which can make them a target for thieves. Young people can also fall victim to   anti-social behaviour and aggression, particularly during a night out in town. 


Our two-hour workshop provides essential guidance on the following strategies:



       Preparation - Plan your route, meet with friends,

      know who you would phone in case of emergency.


      Spatial awareness – simple ways to be aware of

      what’s going on in your surroundings and to spot

      possible threats. 


      Sensible choices – from selecting the best route

      home to managing your own behaviour, the right

      choices can help to avoid risk.


      Managing conflict – when you find yourself in a

      confrontation, how to calm and defuse the situation.


      Escaping danger – if a confrontation becomes

      physical, there are basic intervention techniques that

      you can use to release yourself and move away.



Our professional instructors draw on many     years of experience in the security and training industry, and much of the workshop is guided   by key strategies that security professionals use.



Mission Training certificates will be issued on completion of the workshop – this is a non-accredited course.