Offender ID™ is a police accredited tagging system designed for use by security professionals. Using redDNA™, the portable spray device ensures that criminals can be identified even if they flee the crime scene.


Why Use this Product?


The Offender ID Spray is the perfect companion to the modern day security officer. The spray is designed to deter, defend and detect. It enables security personnel to keep a form of RedWeb's redDNA™ close to hand and ready to use. RedDNA™ can be used as evidence to help secure a conviction.


Door Supervisors, Security Officers, Store Detectives, Cash in Transit Operatives, Event Stewards, Close Protection officers, or Community Wardens can all benefit from the added security of carrying OffenderID.


The Training


This 2 hour training session enables trainees to become registratered to use the hand-held Offender I.D. spray.


The training  will combine a mixture of Powerpoint presentations, practical demonstrations and question & answer sessions. There will be a full demonstration from the instructor including stances and the effects and advantages of using the offender I.D. Spray. During training all trainess will have the opportunity to practice using the item with a specific water canister.


This product does not contain any noxious, harmful substances and does not contravene UK laws.