Mission Training offer a bespoke Control and Restraint (C&R) course for security personnel. The techniques are simple and effective. You don’t need to be a martial arts expert nor remember complex physical moves. Quick simple skill based techniques result in having to use minimal force to control and restrain a person.


The course is delivered by professional instructors with many years experience who will demonstrate and guide trainees to aid professional development in Control and Restraining techniques.


Our view is that this is an essential part of training for anyone working within the Private Security Industry especially those who are interacting with members of the public. For those security operatives including Door Supervisors, SIA Crowd Management, Close Protection & Retail Security Officers who find themselves requiring such skills this course will provide simple core knowledge and confidence to assist in the workplace.


The skills taught within the course include:


Various different pain compliant restraint techniques

Confronting an Angry Male

Escorting of a Male

Common Law

Positional Asphyxia


Before booking on our Handcuff training course it is necessary for individuals to be confident, responsive and reactive in the restraining and controlling of a person. Simple, effective techniques able to be used by anyone to aid your protection and effectiveness whilst minimising injury to all concerned.


The Basic Control & Restraint course is a 3 hour course.


We also provide Advanced Control & Restraint training for those wishing to become part of a specialist team, perhaps response, rapid intervention and ejection teams. The advanced training skills are to follow the basic Control & Restraint course and includes training scenarios and a wider variety of dilemmas to deal with.


The advanced course is 6 hours in duration and costs £78.